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The methodology part describes in detail what the writer is doing the in the story. Each of the methods should have different approaches along with requirements. Begin the draft from brainstorming process. Do not spend too much time on things, just write. Qualitative has the introduction, design and the rational, participation of the research, part of the methodology, instrumentation, the analysis of data plan, problems with trust to the sources, ethical dilemma, Findings. The quantitative has an introduction, research design, rationale, methodology, instrumentation, threats to the validity, the ethical procedures, a summary of the work. Most of the students would use the mixed methods of writing ph.d. a dissertation that has an introduction, the setting, design of the paper, role of the researcher, threats to validity, ethical procedure and summary. In order to explain the methodology section it would take the time to address the three type of methods. Let’s concentrate on the mix. This section describes the collection of the data, why the method is appropriate for the study. Description of the aspects, examples, geographical location along with the size of the Company would indicate the relevance to the study. In case someone would like to replicate the dissertation one should know the origin of the study.

Mixing the methods would mean putting student’s opinions as variable X, while the other pool of the students. The reader would like to know the reasons for choosing the particular University to study the topic of dissertation. The research design of quantitative method restate the questions asked in the introduction section, show the list of variables that are independent, dependent, moderating. There has to be a clear statement as for design for the research. The chosen group o males, females have to be equal showing the age groups to test each more than once. Discussion of the design choice should make sense to the reader. The idea of this design to test the dependence of age, gender and the preferences over time at different points. Qualitative design should restate the research questions, describe the principal concepts to address, discuss the research tradition used such as case studies, narratives of the primary sources. there has to be a rational explanation as to why the tradition was chosen. Why would this tradition the better choice over the other?

The mixed methods being from the description of the general concepts. The second step would be a diversification of how the method mixed the interrelation of data collection with the analysis. The last step would be discussing the analysis method, and how the data writer plans to analyze. The next step in the methodology to discuss the role of the researcher. Reason – the writer will be conducting interviews with people to present yourself to the audience and the reader. First of all the tasks of the writer to define the role as observer, check the behaviors of participants, discuss the relationships with observers. Discussing the personal biases is the greatest challenge, otherwise dissertation might show the personal opinion in the work what should be avoidable by any means. The one way to stay away from bias to speak with participants without emotions coming up the head. Do not share a personal experience with the audience in order to not influence their opinion. Let the interviewers explain a personal opinion.

The writer has to go through other ethical issues inside of the environment, omit conflict of interest, present the plan for the probable issues. The next step would be a justification of the sampling strategy. This part of dissertation describes the usage of tool to find the answers to the research questions as clear as possible. The writer doing the work by himself should remember about the variable. Some of them could be paired for further comparison like gender versus income, because depending on the place the data will be totally different and not relevant. The sample of the data should not be too long, because the mean, standard deviation and other statistical tools might not manage the data to provide an objective result. Buying Ph.D. research from us would allow you to save time for the personal things. We guarantee A+ quality for the work. You are welcome to order only methodology part of the research, this is absolutely fine with the writer. We work on thousands of papers a day, so it does not matter for the writer what part of the dissertation presents to the end user. The collection of data could be conducted in coordination with the writer and vice versa, the client can guide the professional writer to collect the data according to the requirements of the University. All of the works will be written from scratch, proofread, without grammatical mistakes, cohesive content and very interesting research. Use the benefits of working with us. Buy phd dissertation and get a discount according to our program of loyalty.

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