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The dissertation abstract has certain requirements. Usually it’s a two-page welcoming note to the reader that has 12 font and regular margins. The person writing an abstract should not exceed the amount of 2 pages even for a line or two in length, because the requirements are very strict. On the other hand writing an abstract on one-page length does not do any good to the author, because it looks like there is not enough information to fill up space. The first two paragraphs should include only half of the page. Usually it includes the overview of the project, the problems describes, methods used, other work related to the research, brief explanation of the content. The opening should show the original ideas without restating the paragraph. The abstracts give the first impression to the reader of the work. It makes a big difference on the reader to evaluate the work and decide whether one should continue spending time researching new subject. The place of the abstract right after the title page, but it depends on the requirements of the Universities or institutions. The idea of the abstract to show the problem the writer would observe in the work, the main goal of the research, questions or related hypothesis (null hypothesis, rejecting or accepting hypothesis) – basically, this is a key to writing a successful dissertation. Some readers would understand the idea of the research just by going to the conclusion page, but some readers would go through entire work to see the step by step process of basic ingredients. Methodology and design play a vital role as for explanation how the data was collected guiding the reader toward the conclusion or findings followed by final recommendations. The task of the writer to put all this work into limited space to allocate more time, information to the body of the work, methods that lead to concrete results. The committee of the University would provide a set of requirements leading to proficient word count to make a research not vague, but rather short and simple. A lot of people would not like to read the whole work getting to the conclusion with five or ten sentences, the work that catches attention would have success in the research community. Raw, vague, “beating around the bush” content would leave the reader bored and dissatisfied with the material. The purpose along with the hypothesis reflect the key element in the entire work, because the evaluates the result of the research based on the supporting components such as methodology, design, literature review. The problem describes the necessity for conduction of research. The readers trying to grasp the dissertation would look for the need, interest of such work in the community. the example of the work could explain “the increase of dropout rate that has behavioral challenges resulted in massive access to violent mass media”. The goal of the research to explore the reasons why dropout rate increases, what measures could be taken to prevent the degradation of youth, draw conclusions on preventive measures, take actions in the future. The proposed solution usually will be included at the conclusion, recommendation, findings section. Different institutions call the sections depending on the accepted standard. Some writers touch on different aspects in dissertation putting them on the abstract page. From the experience we recommend to write eye-catching facts, explanations, interesting information to catch the attention of the reader. The audience like to visualize the occurring events – this method helps to memorize the material for a long time.

Dissertation abstract answers the subject of the topic:

  • What was completed? The thesis statement should give a main idea to the writer what the work will be about.
  • The reason for doing a research? Null hypothesis, acceptance or rejections of the hypothesis of the main fact play a key role in the entire work.
  • How was the research conducted? Methodology along with design method should describe in detail approach used.
  • What did it reveal, opened new possibilities or opportunities for the Community? The impact on the world.
  • What impact does it make on the scientific world?

Last questions have a list of conclusions, recommendations to the audience so this is the most important part of the work. We highly recommend to buy ph.d. dissertation from a professional dissertation writing Agency. Striving to deliver the base value for money to the clients we provide the research works to the scientific community, so the writers could save time on the informative or theoretical part, devote more time to the practical results. Not always the result matter, the knowledge gained in the process increases the chances for further scientific works.

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