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The dissertation discussion takes on the conversation with thyself. There are things that seem to be logical, but this might be far away from truth doing statistical, regression analysis.

Based on the obtained results the situation with investment climate would be significantly improved if certain independent variables in the research would be improved. The analysis using SPSS program have shown that the USA depending on the development of infrastructure places will find its demand for investment if: first of all investor will become more aware of investment opportunities in the USA. This part of research presents the analysis of data collection. A brief summary of the study, a restatement of the research statements. The small preview would benefit to the reader and update in the memory the discussed material. A pilot study conducted by many writers would require a detailed explanation, the process of the data collection, description of the pilot subjects along with the procedure. The purpose of the study might be simply the practice of interviewing people or the approximation of the time for the study. The participants of research should clearly understand the questions or influence the research by providing a feedback on the questionnaire. Changing some of the procedures during the data collection would have to be reported so the study would not stay biased. The writer has to describe the reasons, feelings as to why there was a necessity to make it. In the settings part the writer would provide the conditions once the research was approved by the mentor. The writer has to describe the mental condition, for example the audience should know whether the environment was friendly and safe to make sure the appearance of the writer corresponds to the norm. The unsafe condition would affect the impression of the writer followed by reflection in the paper. An essential factor in the analysis would be a description of demographics and data collection. Make sure the interviewers are from the same area if this is required for the study, or from different countries once the research concerns international environment. The study should have characteristics of gender, race and age relevant to the study. Speaking of the homeless mothers would be important to know the length of staying alone, age and gender of the children. The next step would be a data collection followed by the analysis. The means along with standard deviation should be computed to understand the correlation between the data. The last step would be an evaluation of statistical assumptions relevant to the study. The tests have specifics for the in-depth analysis. T–tests, ANOVA, analysis of variance, normal distribution and other. The assumptions should be checked as well followed by a short discussion as for specifics of the statistical tests. The final stage of the discussion section has to report the findings, rejecting or accepting the hypothesis. This means – hypothetically: “the students drink alcohol, because there are no age restrictions in CIS (Soviet Union) countries”. This is an assumption – the hypothesis rejected means they drink not because there is not age restrictions, but there is an environment that stimulates these results. Accepting hypothesis – based on research conducted the assumption is true. That’s why the need for research should be very strong, because there are a lot of information on adults consumption of alcohol, but the region has to be specific or the topic could be so interesting for the reader to get acquainted with the study that it catches attention in every aspect. The discussion should have examples of real statistics, explaining the correlation of data with exact numbers concerning the probability of 0,5 less than – significant, .05 (greater than). For those of you who conducted such research the data would be very familiar. Finally the writer can label the results or tables according to the APA format or any other required by the Committee.

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