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Let’s get a closer look to the educational portal of our Company from a perspective of writing an introduction to the dissertation. What would it mean in the framework of a big research paper? The first introduction to the dissertation would be a title page, abstract, followed by the page of acknowledgments and first chapter that has introduction section. The title page should not exceed the amount of 12 words. The name of the work should match with a Doctoral Diploma. In these sections we would briefly describe the essential points of the process writing a ph.d. dissertation. Chapter one would be the beginning of the proposal. The reader sets up the mind comprehend the general idea of the studied subject or hypothesis looking for the explanation for the need of research. The typical introduction would contain an introduction, the background of research, description of the problem statement, purpose, research questions along with hypothesis, theory and concepts or models used in the work – application of theory to practice, nature of the study, limitations, significance etc. The introduction should describe the study process, it’s not a continuation of the abstract, so there is need to briefly mention what has been described at the beginning of the work. the introduction would grab the reader’s attention, catch the interest further going through the entire work. This is the first place to include several facts, statistics to show the concern for the existing issues in the scientific community the research tries to solve or look for alternative methods, recommendations, findings. The closing of introduction should provide a clear vision to the reader that existing gap in the field, reasons for the study to close the gap, benefits to the scientific community. the introduction would be a challenging part to complete because space up to five pages required to disclose all of the listed above aspects. The languages have to be precise, no jargon, keep the work to the point and thesis statement in every word or sentence. Literally the work should be written for an old lady that could understand the content.

The usage of acronyms should be available, no one is willing to translate all the unknown words, look up the discount. The friends of a family should read the section to pose the questions, why the study is happening? How would you do the study, are you capable of management the level of difficulty and research? Do you have a need for the study, what additional value would it bring to the world? The theoretical part should cover the models, concepts that will be applied in the dissertation. Development of the theory has several stages. First of all, there is not a requirement to develop personal theory in a dissertation, the mentor would not welcome this approach in a study. The theory would require a reliable validation, along with the numerous studies. Modification of theory should come after the analysis of data. The examples of theory X foreseen the occurrence of A and B events, if B did not occur, while C has appeared on the horizon the theory X would have to be modified. The general idea of including theories in the study to see the prediction and the expectations of results fit into the predictions. In other words the theory has to be compared with practices after the series of tests or checks. If the theory does not correspond to the validity of results, then the entire dissertation might be questionable, because dissertation has to test the theoretical principles that were not introduced to the public before. It’s very interesting to study theoretical foundation versus conceptual frameworks. A theory usually would be found in the literature review in a formal manner, tested for usage by the other users. The theory should define the connection between the variables.

The difference between theories and conceptual framework – is a diversity, complexity and layers of the information. The conceptual framework can be described as a model. The model does not belong to qualitative study. Showing the example of the model the writer should think about the interaction of the variables for further testing the interdependence or independence between the data. The introduction should contain the series of research questions that should have the variables of interest. If the hypothesis is the core of the dissertation, research questions are the foundation. All the information provided in the work should be related to research questions. One interesting fact to notice the research questions will produce a hypothesis in the quantitative part of the dissertation, providing a model for methodology in qualitative studies. Buy ph.d. dissertation from us to make sure the quality standards we meet the quality standards of the University. The passing grade, A+ quality will be 100% guaranteed. The client can order progressive delivery – the completion of works by parts. Payment per part. A convenient method of busy people, those who is willing to check the quality first.

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"Helllo Once again you guys have helped my grade go from a failing from now B in my public speaking class. Thanks for helping me to come closer to suceeed at my dreams. "

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