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Need help writing a literature review paper? Tired of writing a literature review paper? Trust this assignment to us. How many of you faced the problem of finishing literature review on time? Thousands of students every year has to go through the process of the literature review. Every professional research starts with a writing a good literature review for a dissertation. What does Literature Review to a customer? It gives a hint to the reader on the scope of knowledge the researcher gained through the reading of the books, journals. Academic writing literature review provides the guidelines to the sources used in academic writing. The guide to writing literature review helps the reader get a glimpse of the author’s work.

Writing a literature review step by step process. Most of the time literature review is a simple summary of the resources that may include synthesis of content. The purpose of writing review of literature to give an idea as to the professionalism of the work conducted and persuade the reader – a lot of time the writer has been spending to deliver scientific work. At our web-site, we briefly describe how to write a literature review essay? For some of the clients, we satisfy the request and show the sample literature review essay using different sources to deliver an interpretation of a used material or discover new interpretations of things already mentioned. Depending on the number of pages in the work the literature review can be up to 1-2 pages and last about 10-15 pages if the conversation goes around Ph.D or Master Thesis. Writing a short literature review shows the reader short sentences and ideas about the applied sources depending on the format of writing. The combination of different sources helps to synthesize and structure the information for the reader without additional efforts. Get help from our Agency for writing a professional literature review. Below we will provide some tips for your convenience. The result of the professional literature review comes out to a clear conclusion that corresponds to the thesis statement and unveils the question to the current issues discussed in the work.

Literature review does not consist of annotated bibliography, it is not a summary of the articles searched for. The literature review has a focus on a specific topic with a critical analysis of the characteristics of different case studies, chronicles, books. It can be a list of sources used for a research study in a form of Master Thesis or Dissertation. The step-by-step process consists of reviewing the APA guidelines searched through the links paying attention to the documented requirements of a font, spacing and margins including other required parts as a body, text citations, and quotes.

  • The writer of the professional work has to decide on the topic chosen, what will help to look for the required sources.
  • The scope of the literature has to be chosen from the online databases, library resources that consist of relevant databases in the field of study. It is necessary to redefine the topic to figure out whether the theme is too broad and narrow it down to a specific area of personal interest. The writer has to identify the studies or theorists to fit in the context of the study. The literature review has to be properly referenced according to citation style followed by a deep analysis of the sources.
  • In order to start the writing process, the articles have to be organized. The organization process fits in the professional overview of the articles to give an idea of the purpose and content of the sources. The review has to further focus on the introduction, body and several paragraphs for the first chapter along with conclusion for every sourced used. We strongly advise to group the articles into categories (topics, subtopics with chronological order by date. The last step – take notes on the formation while reading the articles and use the concept of mapping the source.
  • The following process summarizes the literature in a form of a mapping format or a table. For this purpose, the writer creates a table in MS word inserting the small notes on the sources and giving a general idea of the source to understand the connection to the thesis statement.
  • During the process of writing a literature review for a research paper the writer can synthesize the literature before going into details for the review. The writer has to consider the voice at the beginning of the writing process along with proper tense to format the work grammatically correct.
  • Writing literature review for thesis the writer has to identify the scope of the problem, but avoid the generalizing statements or topics very popular to the public. The student should also distinguish between articles findings and alternative sources. The list of long irrelevant topics or references should be avoided. No need to use the wording that has negative content for the reader not to doubt the professionalism of the work. The references have to be cited at the end of the literature review section in chronological order.
  • The example of literature review can be provided upon request from a support team. The professional literature review has to have coherence, subheadings, transitions between the sections, the conclusion for the review and the flow of arguments.

We can send previously completed works in a form of essay, feel free to get in touch with support team.

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