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Thesis problem statement

Helpful Hints on Statement of the Problem in Thesis Writing

Thesis statement of the problem is a chapter where it is necessary to state the area of concern, the general method of solving an issue and existing question in certain field that generates a need for the research you conduct. Usually in this part writer broaches subject of any foreseeable problems that may appear during the research – not as a crystal-gather, of course, but according to preliminary researches and data analysis. Looking through the thesis problem statement examples it is possible to distinguish the main purposes of this paper part:

  1. Presentation of scientific importance of the research
  2. Exact indication of field of investigation
  3. Prediction of results and what has to be done to achieve them

Well-written statement of the problem in thesis should also show that an issue you are working with is relevant, scientifically in-depth and contributes to the research field. To achieve this, line of thoughts should be clear and precise, avoiding whity-brown information and demonstrating that there are relevant and reliable resources for a study. And, of course, it is essential to stick to the statement of the problem thesis format because no matter how good paperwork is written, the arrangement of a paper can influence the evaluation greatly.

How to write statement of the problem in thesis down the line

First and foremost, it is necessary to narrow down the kind of question you are going to investigate. Scholars specify four:

  1. Descriptive. Such question looks like “What is a…” and deals with hidden stumbling blocks in seemingly clear subjects.
  2. Difference. Here researcher evaluates the differences of certain phenomena.
  3. Casuist. This approach deals with moral dilemmas.
  4. Relational. This approach is selected when it is necessary to study the connections between two or more things.

Correct statement of the problem in thesis writing is crucial as thus you give a strong evidence that your study issue is worth exploring.

Catching statement has to include:

  • Interesting topic.
  • Mind that topic should be noteworthy not just for you but for your audience also.
  • No conflicted information, though may generate several points of view
  • Enough sources with relevant and reliable research data

The process of creating an essay requires selection of the point of view on the issue. Also you have to include what benefits your solving will bring to the subject you are writing for. Thoroughly select the method for the problem solving: it has to be relevant, efficient and match the research data. When it comes to thesis theory everything seems to be quite easy, but in the real world the process of mastering this chapter may be as challenging as the whole research. That is why usage of professional assistance may come in handy. A-class writers of know how to write proper essays of phd level and they are eager to help you with accomplishment of this part or with the whole new paper written from scratch. Do not hesitate and entrust your thesis in experts’ hands!

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