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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. How to place an order?

Please follow the steps below to place an order:

Click on prices section

1. Click on prices section

Fill in the form

2. Fill in the difficulty level, number of pages, deadline

3. Push "Place an order now" button and you will be redirected to full order page.

Fill in the form

4. Fill in the information

in the fields below

Order notification

5. Press "Place an order now" button

and the window as below will show up

6. Keep in mind that payment has to occur after order placement for writer to start the work.

Order details

7. Press ok to proceed and web-site redirects to payment section

8. Presse "BUY NOW" button and web-site redirects to paypal account.

Login PayPal

9. Enter login and password

10. Pay for the order or enter credit card details for Paypal to withdraw (for non paypal users)

11. Send additional requirements to our e-mail: to make sure we got the attachments.

12. Wait for the order. Within deadline, it will be provided.

13. Let us know in e-mail whether you want sms or call notification option upon order completion.

2. How to find out what is the price?

Go to “Place an order” insert and fillin the empty place to the point where one can see the price.

3. How to get in touch with the agency?

A client can call us or write a message through chat system. We reply usually withing 2-5 minutes during business time and 15 minutes during weekends or holidays. We are always available 24/7. With specific requirements contact us through e-mail.

4. How do i get a refund?

Send us an inquiry and e-mail why refund is needed and we grant it in most cases. Depending on the status of the process management of the Company decides whether to do a full refund, partial or decline the request (this happens in case writer followed the guidelines and performance was up to standard).

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